zudio franchise
Pursuing a Zudio Franchise in the fashion industry can be rewarding venture, especially if you have a genuine passion for fashion.
zudio franchise
To get a Zudio Franchise, You can fill the application form provided on the website and our expert team will guide you with all the detail about the process
zudio franchise
Zudio Franchise earns by selling Affordable things - that too, without spending a single rupee on ads, location & E-Commerce.

Zudio Franchise Details

The Brand  zudio Franchise offers fashionable options at the bottom-most price for millennial and Gen Z buyers of India. The slogan ‘Fashion at Star Prices’ and ‘Irresistible Style at Irresistible Value’, gives life to the brand.

The success faces the struggle the most. Hence, what #Zudio faced. That innovative spirit for its customers of being approaching, committed, and trending; #Zudio made its entire promise true. By fulfilling them, it set its benchmark in the world of fashion. From design to distribution, the brand’s label strategy captured the entire journey. As a result, the company produced high-quality attires at competitive pricing.

Zara, Star Bazar, Landmark, WestSide, and Zudio all these brands are all operated under Tata Retail Enterprise Limited – Trent Limited – Retail section of Tata. Trent Limited was started in 1998 after Tata’s Lakme sold its share with Hindustan Unilever (HUL). The share was sold for 200 million dollars at that time.

In 2017, Trent Ltd. launched Zudio. According to the company’s risk analyst, among the overall revenue of Trent’s, Zudio is contributing approximately 13%. Zudio has marked another level of brand value in the market by selling its products at affordable prices.

Indian businessman Noel Naval Tata, the half-brother of Ratan Tata, is the chairman of Tata Investment Corporation and Trent. Noel Tata is also the managing director of Tata International and the vice chairman of Tata Steel and Titan Company. Not just Zudio but Zara, Star Bazar, Landmark, and WestSide are also part of the TCS.

WestSide is the sister brand of Zudio. Tata is holding over 200 WestSide stores. As a part of the group, in 1998 WestSide was established. The brand focuses on Fashion, Beauty, Technology, Food and Home. In the upcoming years, WestSide is planning to double its stores.

The Tata group under Trent Limited is the super head of Zudio. #Zudio is the fastest fashionista brand. In 2016, the company was launched on Commercial Street in Bangalore, India. Currently, Tata has established 422 Zudio stores across 26 states of India. The store count of the Zudio has increased by 8x within the last 3 years. This year the brand launched 125 stores. Zudio is planning to add 200+ stores all over India within the next year. The Gross revenue of the brand is over Rs. 3000 crores.

Whereas, Zara captured 21 stores all over India. Zara is a joint venture between Inditex, a Spanish fashion company, and Trent Ltd by Tata. The Inditex group and Trent Ltd own 51% and 49% of the joint venture respectively. But for the last 2 years, no Zara stores have been opened in India. By January 2023, in over 96 countries, Zara had approx. 3,000 stores only.

The total number of Star Bazar stores in India is 48. This hypermarket chain supplies groceries, poultry, fresh food, and daily essentials. The brand is also a joint venture between the Tesco and Tata Group. know more about us.

The Strategy Of Zudio

·       Zudio focuses on the fast-selling products.

·       Is starting from the lowest price when compared to other brands. Its products are under Rs. 999. And the average price of the items is Rs. 500.

·       Is expanding its franchise all over India.

·       Zudio is aiming towards casual and daily wear.

The Mission Of Zudio Franchise

·       To boost the brand with their exclusive products.

·       Focusing on products that are more in trend in the market.

·       Maintaining prices and quality at the same time while competing with other brands.

Way to the success ...

When some go for shopping, there are endless options. From boutique to street shopping and from online shopping to stores at the mall. But Zudio is a single brand that came like a wave in the retail industry. The reason behind this wave is ‘unique pricing’. Zudio understood the Indian market needs, viz., richness at a low price. And this market strategy can’t be overlooked. From Rs. 99 to Rs. 999, Zudio has many items to give us. Therefore, the brand has gained loyal customers. Among the crores of population in India, Zudio made the majority its target, which is, the middle-class people.

Zudio Franchise Online Application Form: Rules to Follow

Zudio is popular for being a well-known fashion and lifestyle brand. The mission is to sell designer products at affordable prices. Within the last 3 years, the graph of Zudio’s stores has increased by 8x. To date, the company is running more than 422 Zudio stores all over India. Among which 125 stores were launched in 2023. Zudio is planning to launch more than 200 stores all over India in the coming year. This proves, how the brand is quickly growing in the industry of fashion chains.

Zudio Franchise Requirements/Eligibility

If you are an investor, and looking for a Zudio franchise then you have to avail the requirements given below. After applying the completed form, Zudio will never promise you to allot the franchise. It depends on the company whether it will allow you to allot the franchise or not. view our privacy policy.

·       Property: There should be a commercial property. The floor area of the land should be between 6,000-8,000 square feet.

·       Unit or Shop Area: The unit or shop area should be 3,000 square feet.

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